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How to Cook Asparagus?

How to Cook Asparagus?

Asparagus cooking: All information about the vegetable

Asparagus is simply delicious and still very healthy – even though it consists mainly of water. I explain what you need to know about the ‘royal vegetables’, examine myths and show of course how to prepare asparagus properly.

Why cook asparagus?

Asparagus is a vitamin bomb. No wonder so many people cook asparagus. The vegetable is full of vitamin C, B, E, potassium that strengthens our heart, and fiber. But what kind of asparagus should you cook? There are three varieties: green asparagus, which grows above the earth, the spicy violet asparagus, whose top looks out of the earth, and white asparagus growing under the ground. Although all varieties are very healthy, the green asparagus still has its nose a little ahead: As it grows over the earth, it gets more sunlight and produces more secondary crops.

Buying and storing Asparagus

Before we go to cooking, you have to buy the asparagus. Whether the asparagus is fresh can be easily checked in the supermarket: the ends must not be brown and hollow, when squeezing juice must leak out. If the asparagus sticks rub against each other, they must squeal. In addition, the rods must not be bend. If you do not want to cook the asparagus immediately, you can also store it. For up to three days it stays fresh wrapped in a damp cloth. It can be stored for up to eight months when frozen at minus 18 degrees Celsius. However, the vegetables should be peeled beforehand.

Let’s start cooking asparagus

If you want to cook asparagus, you must peel it before. It is best to do it yourself, because then you can make a sud, in which you can cook the asparagus and from which you can afterwards prepare a delicious asparagus soup. After peeling, you can use a trick to check whether the asparagus is completely peeled. The ends are not cut off but broken off. If threads are still visible after breaking, they must be peeled again. If you want to cook green asparagus by the way, only peel the ends. Now go to the stove. But how to cook asparagus? Standing or lying? Both are possible, but the heads remain a little tighter when they protrude from the water. Add salt in the water and – against the slightly bitter taste of the asparagus – some sugar and lemon. A delicious and very fast asparagus recipe can be cooked with white and green asparagus. Simply add some cashews, mushrooms, onions and chili to the asparagus in a pan. Fry everything with a little sesame oil and fresh cress. This recipe is delicious and also has only 285 calories.

How often can you cook asparagus?

Since the vegetables are very healthy, you can cook as many times as you want. However, people who have problems with the uric acid level should rarely use asparagus: the vegetables contain purines and they can increase the uric acid values ​​long term, which can lead to gout.